HEQEP Sub-Project on Disaster Risk Reduction

BUET-Japan Institute of Disastar Prevention & Urban Safety (BUET-JIDPUS) In Association with Department of Civil Engineering, BUET

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Sub-project Summary

Bangladesh is prone to various disasters including floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides etc that can cause major damage to the civil infrastructure and loss of lives. On top of it we have witnessed in recent years collapse of unsafe buildings causing huge impact to the well-being of the society and the economy. Disaster risk assessment involves two aspects: (i) Hazard assessment and (ii) Infrastructure Health (vulnerability) assessment. This project will deal with both aspects. Disaster risk assessment results can be used by the policy makers for prioritizing measures for disaster reduction.

A new institute building on disaster reduction has recently been constructed through the initiatives of civil engineering department of the university. This project aims to use this link to develop graduate level courses to start an effective post-graduate degree program in Disaster Reduction where science and technological applications will be emphasized. State-of-the-art equipment have been procured and some of them are already in use. This proposal aims at engaging available testing facilities of the institute effectively. Some equipment accessories, testing models and software will also be procured.

Specific research tasks have been planned which will be carried out through the supervision of participating senior faculty members of civil engineering department and institute faculty. Leading international experts known to the project team are expected to assist our research work.  Also university alumni currently working abroad will be contributing. This will result in capacity building of university faculty at the same time achieving objectives of the institute. Training workshops, seminars and international conference is planned to disseminate results of the research activities. A digital information centre for disseminating information on disaster and safety issues will be established.

Contact Address

BUET-Japan Institute of Disaster Prevention and Urban Safety (BUET-JIDPUS)
West Palashi Campus
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Phone: +8802-9662975
+8802-55167100 Ext-6591
Fax: +8802-9662975